New Lifepaths

New Human Outcast lifepaths:

Lifepath Time Res Stat Leads
Adventurer 5 yrs 16 +2 M/P Soldier, City, Religious

Skills 3pts: Trouble-wise, Tavern-wise 2pts: General
Traits 2pts: Stormcrow, Adventurous

New Human Peasant lifepaths:

Lifepath Time Res Stat Leads
Self Taught Caster 6 yrs 5 +1 M/P Soldier, Village, Outcast

Skills 6pts: Falsehood, Drinking, Angry Peasants-Wise, Angry Mob-wise, Cantrips
Traits 2pts: Hated, Beaten, Broken, Drunk, Practically Gifted

New Human Villager lifepaths:

Lifepath Time Res Stat Leads
Foundling 10 yrs 2 City Dweller, Outcast, Servitude, Sea

Skills 2 pts: General; 1 pt: Hateful Rumors-Wise
Traits 2 pts: Strange Child, Fey Blood OR Tainted Legacy

New Traits:

Adventurous [dt]
The character has been around and seen stuff most others havent.
1d Infamus reputation among cities and nobles
Choose any one trait that is obtainable via standard human lifepaths.

Stormcrow [dt]
“Láthspell I name you, Ill-news; and ill news is an ill guest they say.”
1d Infamous reputation among any one lifepath setting other than outcast that the character has a lifepath from.

Strange Child [dt]
The circumstances of your birth were mysterious. The people in your village will always talk of that strange child born under a fey moon. As word of your deeds spread, so will this rumour thrive.
You have a 1D infameous reputation as a foundling in the village of your birth (and probably in the surrounding villages, words travel fast you know).

New Skills:

Cantrips: Sorcery for the practically gifted characters

New Lifepaths

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