More Magic Rules

(Disse regler er ikke godkendte eller accepterede af Hartwig. Der er blot et forslag.)

It’s a common trope in fantasy fiction that when a Sorcerer or other magician really needs to, he can pull forth extra power to accomplish his goal. This is an attempt to reproduce that trope.

Any Sorcerer or Faithful can choose to inflict damage upon him- or herself when casting a spell or asking for a miracle. This is quite potent, but also very risky and damaging.

In order for this to work, the character must suffer a light wound or worse. Light wounds are only worth something if in the middle of a Conflict of some kind. There must be a likely consequence to the wounds suffered.

For the wound die taken, the sorcerer gains bonus dice as follows:

Wound Taken Advantage Dice
Light 1D
Midi 3D
Severe 4D
Traumatic 5D
Mortal 6D

The wound is suffered as part of casting the spell or saying the prayer. Any effects of the wound are suffered immediately after casting the spell or finishing the prayer.

For example, a Sorcerer casting a spell and taking a Severe Wound as part of casting it would cast the spell on the action it finishes with +4D and then would have to make a Steel Test and would suffer -3D wound penalty on all actions afterwards.

The Will to Sacrifice
As a way to limit sorcerers’ and faithfuls’ ability to do this and thus always ensure they go out with a bang, I suggest the following.
In order to make this sacrifice, the character must pass a will test at an Obstacle equal to the Wound Dice to be taken (5 for mortal wounds).
So in order to make the sacrifice mentioned above, the Sorcerer would have to pass an Obstacle 3 Will Test.

More Magic Rules

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