Art Magic Schools

How does one create a School of Sorcery?

There are two basic routes, either to create a School that is based on a specific type of effect or related effects, or a school of different magical effects that are lumped together due to tradition.

From the Magic Burner, there are two good examples:
The Collegia Pyrotechnica Magia (the school of fire magic)
Temple of the Four Winds (spells of wind, breath, air and direction)

Another example could be…
The Art of Ice and Cold Magic
Magic of the Frozen North

The former would include different ways of forming, creating, adding or subtracting cold or ice (a thousand physicists cry out in pain…).
The latter would include spells to endure cold, to turn into animals found in the frozen north, to conjure cold… but likely couldn’t do fancy stuff like subtracting cold to create heat (sigh…).

Anyway, here is there important thing:
To qualify as a good school, you must be able to think of a handful of everyday adventuring stuff that you CAN do and that you CAN’T do. If you can think up a handful of each, you’ve got a fine school.

So a detailed example:
The Magic of the Frozen North
CAN turn you into a polar bear (transformation)
CAN throw a bolt of supernatural cold/ice in your face (destroy with sorcerous “fire”)
CAN turn someone into a icile (transformation)
CAN make someone slower by freezing their limbs (+ Ob to speed)
CAN make you more resistant to cold (trait or +D to Forte)
CANNOT create heat in any way, shape or form
CANNOT transform you into anything not found in the Frozen North
CANNOT make you move faster or fight better
CANNOT create illusions of any kind
CANNOT make you more persuasive or smart

So the Magic of the Frozen North is a fine school. That’s the important thing, really. If there’s a handful of easily thought out things that it can and cannot do, then it works.

Art Magic Schools

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