Art Magic Failure Consequences

1. The risks and ”rewards” of miscasting a spell should be clear and the scope of them should be predictable for both player and GM.
2. Miscasting a spell should have the potential for fun, hard and interesting choices.
3. The risks of miscasting a spell should be interesting enough that it encourages Sorcerers to cast spells even if they have a significant risk of failure.
4. It should be a quick and easy ”shopping list” for the GM to go through when a spell fails.

1. Casting a spell fails.
2. GM’s choice to offer the possibility to Push Through.
3. If the player chooses to Push the Spell Through the Miscast Pool (MP) is equal to the Obstacle of the Spell.
4. If the player chooses not to Push the Spell Through the MP is equal to the Margin of Failure.
5. Was it Wild Magic? If yes, the MP is doubled.
6. Spend MP.
7. First Effect.
8. Then duration.

Tax (No Duration).
Caster must pass a Tax test with an obstacle equal to the MP.

Hindrance (Duration).
Caster suffers an obstacle penalty:

MP spent Obstacle Penalty
1 +1 Ob
2 +2 Ob
4 +3 Ob
6 +4 Ob
9 +5 Ob
12 +6 Ob

By default this affects one ability.
For 1 MP more it affects two abilities.
For 2 MP more it affects three abilities.
For 3 MP more it affects an entire skill catergory OR all skills rooted in a specific Stat and the Stat itself.
For 6 MP it affects ALL abilities.

Enmity (No Duration).
The caster gets a new enemy.

MP spent Enemy
1 Minor
3 Important
6 Powerful

Corrupted Relationship (No Duration).
One of the casters existing relations is turned hateful. This could either be by accidential mindcontrol or a reaction to the miscast itself.

MP spent Relationship Turned
2 Minor
4 Important
7 Powerful

Infamy (No Duration).
The caster gets an Infameous Reputation.

MP spent Reputation
1 1D
2 2D
4 3D

Unintended Effect (Special).
The GM designs a new spell, using the standard obstacles, with an obstacle equal to the MP.
The GM can also modify the spell cast, adding to the effect, breadth or duration, spending MP equal to the added obstacle. If modifying the spell, it must also hit the original targets.

If the new spell or modified effect hits the caster, it costs 2 MP. UNLESS the caster was casting the spell at very close range (something like 5 paces).
If the new spell or modified effect hits one or more of the casters allies, companions or friends it costs 3 MP. UNLESS the target was very close to the companion in question (something like 5 paces).

Note that the ”Recursive Curse” is not in effect for miscast effects. Creating nodes, magic-empowering storms, etc is allowed if not encouraged.

Trait (Duration).
The caster gains a new trait with an obstacle equal to the MP spent.

Unwanted Summoning (Duration).
Something is summoned. Base MP cost assumes the creature is relatively neutral towards the caster. A summoning costs 2 MP more if the summoned creature is actively hostile, hateful and/or murderous towards the caster.
The summoning is subject to Miscast Duration.

MP spent Unwanted Summoning
1 Restless Dead
2 Sanctified Dead
3 Minor Corporal Spirit
5 Corporal Spirit
8 Major Corporal Spirit
6 Minor Deity
9 Deity
12 Major Deity

Duration of Miscast Effects.

MP Spent Duration
0 Conflict or Scene
1 Session
2 End of Next Session
3 Adventure
4 Campaign
5 Permanent

Art Magic Failure Consequences

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